Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful Thursdays - Year 3

Day 4 - Friday 11/21/14 - Snuggling with my niece was the perfect way to cap off a chaotic week.

Day 5 - Saturday 11/22/14 - Learning that being open-minded is becoming more helpful as I grow through life.....

Day 6 - Sunday 11/23/14 - Not only did I get to enjoy reading one book today, I got to finish two! What a treat!

Day 7 - Monday 11/24/14 - Grateful that I have the Pup to come home to after long, rather trying days.

Day 8 - Tuesday 11/25/14 - Pushed myself today to attend a workshop I was very unsure of.  Glad I did, cause it turned out to be a pretty good experience!

Day 9 - Wednesday 11/26/14 - Never realized how much I appreciate my car until I finally get it back from a long spell in the shop!

Day 10 - Thursday 11/27/14 - Relishing in the fact that my treatment team knows me so well.  Saw all four of them this week, and feel so grateful for each of them.  I'm so grateful and so lucky to have such a wonderful team of professionals looking out for my best interest.

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