Thursday, October 2, 2014

Impressive? Or not?

Image courtesy of Sketches in Stillness.
So timely.  So, so, so timely.  The best part of the weather turning colder is that I get to bury my body in bulky sweaters that make me feel super cozy.  Even more, they make me feel like I can finally breathe again, after wearing a spring and summer wardrobe that makes me feel like I have to suck in my stomach.  Which I can't do.  Cause it's not that simple for me.  The health issues in my belly do make me look much more rotund than I actually am.  My belly embarrasses me regularly, even though there's really nothing I can do about it.

This quote up here?  If the world was blind, who would I impress?  I love it.  I wish the whole world read it.  Cause if we didn't have a society that is so judged by how you look, I think there would be a lot more peace in the world, and a lot less scrutiny.  Scrutiny can lead to scary stuff, and we don't need anything else to be scared of.


  1. I love this quote and what you said about it. I know I can relate to it and the relief that colder weather brings when we can hide under more clothes. I wish it wasn't that way and that we didn't feel this way and my hope is that the more we can all strengthen ourselves and each other to be proud and comfortable of our bodies and for others to stop judging so much just think of how much more beautiful this world could be. I wait for that day, and I hope it comes soon.

    Ps- you are amazing and I hope you know that! ;)

  2. This quote (and cute little picture)! I love it too! Thank-you for sharing it dear Purple Dreamer. I hope you keep extra cosy and warm throughout the colder months (especially in your heart and mind). Sending you all my love from Australia xo


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