Thursday, October 16, 2014

365 Days of Giving Thanks - Year 2

Day 340 - Thursday 10/16/14 - Terrified yet beyond grateful that one other on this Earth now knows holds the words that have tortured me for decades.

Day 339 - Wednesday 10/15/14 - Grateful to come home to the Pup, who is always happy to see me, no matter what.

Day 338 - Tuesday 10/14/14 - Appreciate the (sort of) apology I got in a meeting today for a breakdown in communication on the admin's part.  It's nice to hear administrators apologize for their mistakes.  Nice to see that they are indeed human.

Day 337 - Monday 10/13/14 - Relieved that the parent meeting that kicked off my day went a lot smoother than I anticipated.

Day 336 - Sunday 10/12/14 - First. Day. Home.  In ages.  LOVED being able to spend the day in my pajamas, finally!

Day 335 - Saturday 10/11/14 - Glad to have time with my dietitian today.  The way my stomach, and my eating, have been, I needed her input and support.

Day 334 - Friday 10/10/14 - So happy to be able to provide some pretty awesome, outside the norm learning experiences.

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