Friday, February 21, 2014

Unexpected Surprise

I had a very dreaded doctor's appointment today -- one that I made way back in September, which means I've been waiting over four months.  Not gonna lie, t was a pretty bad appointment, too.  The doctor was nice enough, but the office always stresses me out -- it's outdated, the walls need repainting desperately, the floors never look clean enough, and the staff are so not the best.....


I was very pleasantly surprised when the X-ray technician called me in to her space.  Her space was SUCH a contrast to the rest of the office.  The X-ray room had inspirational quotes on the walls.  It had framed pictures of beautiful images.  There was calming classical music playing.  There were soft curtains and a beautiful wooden bench with welcoming pillows in the changing area.  There were little smiles tucked all over the space, which was not very big.

For the first time all appointment, I was able to breathe.  I didn't feel like I was holding myself, stressed, clenched muscles.  I was comfortable, calmer, and breathing. I complimented the technician on the space, and she replied that it's important to help people feel calm, and that since she spends so much time in the room, she wanted it to be a place she'd like, too.

It was a very unexpected surprise to find this little gem of a room in such an "interesting" office...............


  1. I send good wishes your way that whatever you were looking after is something you are able to move through easily - I'm thinking about you. I too have spent far too many hours in medical settings and fully appreciate when there is some thought into making it less scary and more calming. Kudos to your tech!

  2. Lovely to find these little oasises of calm, isn't it? I do believe in looking for the beauty in things, but sometimes it's difficult to spot (and it sounds like your doctor's office is one of these examples) so how nice and how thoughtful of the technician to make it a little easier xxx


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