Thursday, February 27, 2014

365 Days of Giving Thanks - Year 2

Day 101 - Thursday 2/27/14 - Beyond grateful for my therapist's willingness to walk me through an extremely overwhelming task.

Day 100 - Wednesday 2/26/14 - Excited to learn a new tech tool today.  Even more excited that my teachers for this new tech tool are two former students!

Day 99 - Tuesday 2/25/14 - Appreciate the reminder that I don't have to deal with things alone.

Day 98 - Monday 2/24/14 - SO thankful to hold on to a comfort a little bit longer than planned.

Day 97 - Sunday 2/23/14 - Grateful to be caught up on schoolwork for the upcoming chaos of a week.

Day 96 - Saturday 2/22/14 - Enjoyed a nice brunch with my cousin today.

Day 95 - Friday 2/21/14 - Thankful for mint chocolate chip gluten free cupcakes.  It was the only smile of my day.

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