Thursday, October 24, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 338 - Thursday 10/24/13 - Grateful the week of appointments is over.  Seven days.  Four tests.  Three new doctors.  Two IVs.  One X-ray.  Even better?  All came back normal!

Day 337 - Wednesday 10/23/13 - Grateful for the much needed time with my therapist today.

Day 336 - Tuesday 10/22/13 - Happy to find out that the Pup is just dealing with allergies, and not something more serious.

Day 335 - Monday 10/21/13 - Shocked and grateful that the chaotic schedule for this afternoon somehow, miraculously, worked!  I wasn't late for a single one of my appointments!

Day 334 - Sunday 10/20/13 - Enjoyed the yummy cider and fresh roasted corn from the cider mill on this sunny Sunday!

Day 333 - Saturday 10/19/13 - Appreciate the special delivery from the mail person this morning!  Saved me a trip to the post office!

Day 332 - Friday 10/18/13 - Grateful the week is over.  It was a crazy one.


  1. I'm glad that things are well with you and the Pup!

    And I hope that the week we're in is going well too ...


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