Thursday, October 17, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 331 - Thursday 10/17/13 - New doctor today started off really shaky, but grateful that it had a great outcome!

Day 330 - Wednesday 10/16/13 - SO thankful that the state testing is over!  A challenging eight days is now behind us and done for the year.

Day 329 - Tuesday 10/15/13 - Thankful for a day that got me home early enough to enjoy some time with the Pup AND get in a nice shower and dinner.

Day 328 - Monday 10/14/13 - Thankful for my therapist.  That's all.

Day 327 - Sunday 10/13/13 - Grateful for a peacefully and unseasonably warm Sunday!

Day 326 - Saturday 10/12/13 - Thankful for a lazy Saturday with a long, mid-day nap!

Day 325 - Friday 10/11/13 - Loved being a part of a special family's special day.  Much appreciation for letting me share these celebrations.

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