Thursday, January 3, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 43 - Friday 12/28/12 - I am grateful for friendships.  As few as I may have, the ones I do are priceless.

Day 44 - Saturday 12/29/12 - I am grateful for all those who work to protect innocent animals and make sure they are well taken care of until they find their forever home.

Day 45 - Sunday 12/30/12 - I am grateful for bad days, because they remind me to appreciate the good ones.

Day 46 - Monday 12/31/12 - I am thankful to have a warm home and a sweet puppy to make it even warmer.

Day 47 - Tuesday 1/1/13 - Happy New Year!  I am thankful I made it through another year.

Day 48 - Wednesday 1/2/13 - I am grateful for 2pm Hershey Kisses.

Day 49 - Thursday 1/3/13 - I am grateful for patience.  I know it's out there somewhere.  I just gotta find some of my own!


  1. I'm grateful for Hershey kisses whenever I can get them! Lol! :)

    1. Something about unwrapping a little piece of chocolate goodness at just the right time!

  2. i have a gratitude journal that i try to write at least 5 things every night before i go to bed that i am grateful for - it really helps me to see all that i have during the hard times.

    1. I used to keep a gratitude journal too, but I found I couldn't keep up with it. I think the fact that there are people reading this blog that makes it easier for me to keep up with now? Dunno if that makes sense? I know that I have gone back and read these posts on really down days, and it does make me feel better knowing that I found something to be grateful for even on the worst days!


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