Thursday, July 3, 2014

365 Days of Giving Thanks - Year 2

Day 226 - Thursday 7/3/14 - Hoping that all this planning and organizing and brainstorming turns out half as fun as it looks on paper!

Day 225 - Wednesday 7/2/14 - Appreciate the fact that while I might not be "doing" much at my internship right now, at least I get to hang in a pretty cool place!

Day 224 - Tuesday 7/1/14 - Happy to be tutoring such an awesome kiddo - very eager to learn and full of questions! That will make our work together rather fun!

Day 223 - Monday 6/30/14 - Grateful for the reminder today that taking care of me matters.

Day 222 - Sunday 6/29/14 - Slept in! Yes! Felt great!

Day 221 - Saturday 6/28/14 - It feels nice to be valued by those who hardly know you, they base their opinion on how good of a friend you are to their daughter.

Day 220 - Friday 6/27/14 - Really enjoyed hanging with the Pup today, lots of reading which was much enjoyed.

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