Thursday, July 10, 2014

365 Days of Giving Thanks - Year 2

Day 234 - Thursday 7/10/14 - Glad I'm not "purposely clueless" like some that I know choose to be.

Day 233 - Wednesday 7/9/14 -  A smiley day of tutoring made for a smiley Violet!

Day 232 - Tuesday 7/8/14 - Loving snuggle time with the teeny one!

Day 231 - Monday 7/7/14 -  Hopeful that this baby will bring some boundaries into the rest of the family, so I'm not the only one setting and sticking to them.

Day 230 - Sunday 7/6/14 - Grateful that I have the transition object from my therapist this weekend.  The family time is getting rough on me.

Day 229 - Saturday 7/5/14 - Delicious dinner with a delightful friend and of course, baby time!  Being an Aunt is going to be ok, I think!

Day 228 - Friday 7/4/14 - SO thankful to be able to be there, in the hospital, the day my brother and his wife made me an Aunt to the tiniest, sweetest, cuddliest peanut ever!

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