Thursday, March 20, 2014

365 Days of Giving Thanks - Year 2

Day 122 - Thursday 3/20/14 - Realized today how much I've been limiting my self in the eating department..... time to make a change.  Again.

Day 121 - Wednesday 3/19/14 - Today I dropped a part of my past into three envelopes and mailed them off - feeling pretty pleased right now!

Day 120 - Tuesday 3/18/14 - Feeling a HUGE sense of relief that a major source of anxiety has been addressed and taken care of with the help of my therapist.

Day 119 - Monday 3/17/14 - Happy to be back in my therapist's office, though, not necessarily happy about what we discussed.

Day 118 - Sunday 3/16/14 -

Day 117 - Saturday 3/15/14 - Grateful for the "brief vacation" that I took today after two days of intensive learning.

Day 116 - Friday 3/14/14 - I feel proud of myself for presenting at the workshop today.

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