Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week 1: What is Beauty?

My view on beauty has changed.  A lot.
Didn't realize it before, but society defined beauty for me.
And I accepted society's definition without question.
Never liked the definition.
But I accepted it nonetheless.

I'm still not sure what beauty is.
But I do know it is NOT the models of today.
Sickly skinny.  Bones jutting out.  Never smiling.
It's much closer to the days of Marilyn Monroe.
Did you know she was a size 12?
Or that she had an IQ of 168?
Or that she loved to cook?

Not that I'm a "Marilyn" or anything,
But she sure knew how to rock the curves.
And boy.... was she beautiful in her day.
I think she's pretty beautiful by today's standards,

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  1. I hate that society has defined what or who is beautiful. Beauty is diverse, Beauty is individual. The most beautiful people are those with confidence. Believe in yourself. Look in the mirror and you will see Beautiful :) xxx


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