Thursday, November 28, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks - Year 2

Day 9 - Thursday 11/28/13 - Thankful to have family to celebrate this feasting day with....... even if I don't like them some times......

Day 8 - Wednesday 11/27/13 - Thankful for my doctor, who is such a patient, warm, kind, caring, patient human being on top of being an incredible doctor!

Day 7 - Tuesday 11/26/13 - Thankful that today begins a nice, long, 5-day mini-staycation!

Day 6 - Monday 11/25/13 - Grateful for friendship that extends to the far reaches of requests....

Day 5 - Sunday 11/24/13 - Grateful and hopeful that I never have to do this prep again.....

Day 4 - Saturday 11/23/13 - Appreciate the fact that the inch of snow we were supposed to get never arrived....... thanks for the accurate weather prediction!

Day 3 - Friday 11/22/13 -  Grateful for reminders that I am in the right profession.  Today one came in the form of a former student visiting.

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