Saturday, August 17, 2013

Week 50: A Special Place

When I am overwhelmed or need a break, my first go-to place would be my therapist's office.  Unfortunately, that isn't always feasible...... and no amount of wishing changes that!

The next best place is my bed.  Sounds depressing, I know, but hear me out.

See, when I'm in that space of needing a break, a vacation, or to disappear for a while, curling up with the Pup in my bed is the fastest way for me to get back to the land of the living.  Sometimes it takes just ten minutes of lying on the cool sheets, wrapping my fingers around the super soft blanket, feeling the weight of the Pup curled up by my side, to bring my breathing and heart rate back to normal.  There is something very safe about my bed, even more so now that I've finished decorating (after like 10 years) my bedroom so that I truly love being in there.

(Yes, I'll be honest and admit that sometimes it is only ten minutes, while other times it's four hours or more.)

Now, if you're asking about my special place to go when I need a break in general, and can actually take one?  That's a while different story!  In that case, I'd hop on the first plane and go to one of two places:
- my friend's house in Los Angeles, whose backyard is a sanctuary and whose kitchen I actually enjoy being in, or
- this sweet little retreat center near Puerto Vallarta with individual open air casitas, that have running water and flushing toilets, but no electricity..... where the surfing is the best, and the food is unreal, and there is nothing to do but enjoy the nature surrounding you!

I think I'll go crawl into bed right now...... not because I need a break, but because it's time for bed!


  1. So, do you surf?? :)
    I happen to love my bed as a retreat from the world, so I can relate. Sometimes you just need the safety and comfort of your private space.

    1. I've surfed a few times, and want to go back to the place I learned so I can surf some more! It's such a cool feeling! Speaking of bed, I can't wait to crawl back into mine :)

  2. I'm with you on so many levels - therapists office being first and bed second!

    And the place you mentioned in Puerto Vallarta sounds amazing - I'd love to go!

    1. If you love to travel.... such an amazing place! Message me for details and I'll pass along the info.

      Along the lines of therapist's office.... still haven't figured out how to bring it home with me, so if you've got any ideas, I'm open!


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