Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 49: Traditions!

Whenever I hear the word traditions I think of the song from Fiddler on the Roof.  Don't know which one I'm talking about?  You can watch it here:

Anyway, my family doesn't have a ton of traditions.  My parents have hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the last at least 18 years.  My mom's extended family comes, which is kind of nice.  We've also always had a small family gathering for the holidays, just the immediate family, which again, is kind of nice.

Otherwise....... I know there are several traditions I want to begin when I have my own family..... one of which I've already begun! 

  • First/Last Day of School - Sundaes for dinner! (I already do the last day of school sundae fun!)
  • Fancy Dinner Night - At least once a month I want to turn the house into a "fancy restaurant" complete with table cloths, dinner in the dining room, candles, fancy china, etc.  Have the kids dress nicely, practice manners, and really just have a special evening together.
  • Hights/Lows of the day - Evening meal conversation to include the high/lows of everyone's day.  If not at the dinner table, at bedtime.  If no children, then just with my future (and yet to meet) husband.
  • Summer camping trip - once a summer I want to go for 5 days.  Camping.  Tent/cabin to be determined later.  Beach and hiking a must!
  • Holiday gift giving - instead of purchasing gifts for each other, donations will be given to a charity the recipient would like instead of giving the recipient a gift.  I'd also like to either adopt a family, or make sure to participate in a local Mitzvah day, or visit a food pantry/shelter or something as a family.
  • Volunteering will be a regular part of our life.
  • Birthdays - Make them a memorable event - such as a concert, a play, a picnic at a favorite place, something that doesn't revolve around food, and doesn't revolve around lots of trinkets.

Overall, I want my family to collect memories, not clutter.  Easier said than done, but nonetheless, very important to me, as my family is the opposite.  They like to give lots of little trinket-gifts to show their "love" for each other, whereas I'd prefer either one nicer gift, or a nice outing together where the photographs become the gift....


  1. I love this - I am a HUGE fan of creating our own traditions... There is something so precious about deciding that something in our lives is worth re-experiencing year after year.

    1. "deciding that something in our lives is worth re-experiencing year after year."
      LOVE this description!

  2. I love traditions, they are something to count on and to anticipate ~ you have some great ideas and it's true, memories and photos are worth more than any amount of trinkets!! Judi

    1. Thanks! I guess growing up in a family that collected trinkets, I'm eager to start collecting memories now :)


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