Thursday, August 15, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 268 - Thursday 8/15/13 - Thankful for some lightness and laughter in therapy today..... it's going to be a long week next week........

Day 267 - Wednesday 8/14/13 - Enjoyed a nice evening with siblings and friends at a local food truck gathering.  Believe it or not, I ate.  A lot!  I kinda enjoyed it, too.......

Day 266 - Tuesday 8/13/13 - Appreciate the chance to pull out the winter clothes today, but would really appreciate the return of summer ASAP, please.

Day 265 - Monday 8/12/13 - So appreciative of how well my doctor knows me and my schedule of life, really makes me feel cared for on so many levels.

Day 264 - Sunday 8/11/13 - Excited about the work I accomplished at home today.  That, and the tasty fresh roasted corn from the Farmer's Market this morning.

Day 263 - Saturday 8/10/13 - A much appreciated day of rest........ long overdue, or so it felt.

Day 262 - Friday 8/9/13 - SO thankful that today's workshop sessions went well!  Even better, I had fun presenting them, too!

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