Thursday, February 28, 2013

Act 21

One of the things I struggle with is self-care.  I tend to put myself last.... after the last person.... cause I'm still exploring my self-worth.  That's why this act was a hard, but necessary one for me, because it kind of reminded me that I need to practice what I preach.  And that means, if I'm encouraging others to take care of their bodies.... well, I need to do the same.

And I'm going to try.  Try, at least, to do more than what my team has me doing already.  Which is a lot.... but they can't do this kind of work for me.  They can't drag me to my yoga mat.  So I'm hoping that someone finds this note, reads it, and steps up to the self-care plate, which is where I am headed.

It's also where 29 year old Rachel D'Avino lived.  She lived a life where care was first and foremost.  Rachel was a behavioral therapist working with children, hoping to help them find a happy and healthy life.  She always went above and beyond in caring for those she worked with.... including herself.  Rachel loved animals, cooking, baking, and karate.  Her boyfriend was her best friend.... and now the woman working on her doctorate will be forever known as a saint that gave her life in protecting those she cared about.

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