Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thankful Thursdays - Year 3

Day 244 - Thursday 8/27/15 - The chair in my therapist's office hasn't felt this good in ages.... I could have sat there for hours today....

Day 243 - Wednesday 8/26/15 - Working in a new environment, with an entirely new group of people, and an entirely different philosophy, it's starting to sink in that me as me is just fine here.

Day 242 - Tuesday 8/25/15 - Mantra: diffuse instead of distract.  Helpful tool right now.

Day 241 - Monday 8/24/15 - Nerves didn't beat me today.  First day of workshop week with the whole staff had me really nervous, but I made it through the nerves and enjoyed a productive day.

Day 240 - Sunday 8/23/15 - Despite the recent resurgent of flashbacks, today was edibly enjoyable, with a delicious brunch, a walk, and a sweet sundae to wrap.

Day 239 - Saturday 8/22/15 - Grateful for the nap that ate most of my day today, it was much needed.

Day 238 - Friday 8/21/15 - What a day!  Ran around like a headless chicken, but got to meet nearly every teacher in the building in the process!

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