Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thankful Thursdays - Year 3

Day 237 - Thursday 8/20/15 - Glad to finally speak out loud something that I've been holding inside for a while.  While it hasn't made things any better, I'm grateful to not be carrying it alone anymore.

Day 236 - Wednesday 8/19/15 - Thankful that I took the plunge and ventured into a new job, it truly is a wonderful place to be working!

Day 235 - Tuesday 8/18/15 - Learned firsthand that having more than 5 scheduled meetings in a day is a challenge, but absolutely survivable!

Day 234 - Monday 8/17/15 - Great presentation at a great conference today!  Moving up in the presentation world - wasn't even nervous for this one!

Day 233 - Sunday 8/16/15 - Wrapped up a uber hot day hanging with one of my favorite families and playing games with two of my favorite kiddos!

Day 232 - Saturday 8/15/15 - Got to spend the afternoon hanging out with the peanut today, and boy did we have fun!  Nothing like a sunny Saturday afternoon full of smiles!

Day 232 - Friday 8/14/15 - Felt extremely accomplished today.  Finished a major project and am super psyched to move on to the next one!

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