Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thankful Thursdays - Year 3

Day 219 - Thursday 6/25/15 - GREAT first day of work!  I may not know how this position will roll out come fall, but I know that the team I'm working with is one that I will enjoy being a part of!

Day 218 - Wednesday 6/24/15 - Today I had the opportunity to present to a group of teachers on one of my favorite tech tools.  I felt good about the way things went!

Day 217 - Tuesday 6/23/15 - Grateful today for those in my life who help me remember to appreciate the little things that I tend to overlook.

Day 216 - Monday 6/22/15 - So I handed in my keys today, making it really real.  However, I got the keys for my new school today too, making it REALLY real!

Day 215 - Sunday 6/21/15 - A fairly peaceful Father's Day and bonus time with the peanut made for a sweet Sunday.

Day 214 - Saturday 6/20/15 -  A week.  I've stuck to my exercise plan for a week.  Heading in to week two a little more tired, but a lot more determined!

Day 213 - Friday 6/19/15 - What a wonderful afternoon with my new colleagues.  Reaffirmed that though this has been a scary and uber challenging decision, it was the right one.

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