Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thankful Thursdays - Year 3

Day 212 - Thursday 6/18/15 - It is nice to be reminded that little things really can make a big difference.  Something as simple as a reassuring pat on the back can change the course of someone's day more than we realize.

Day 211 - Wednesday 6/17/15 - Grateful for my school friends, in particular, one of them whom I've grown close with.  She made emptying out my classroom a little less lonely today.

Day 210 - Tuesday 6/16/15 - Last day of school.  I bawled like a baby.  But you know what?  That's cause I love what I do, and I'm going to miss the kids that I grew to love over the school year. 

Day 209 - Monday 6/15/15 - Last field trip of the year, a full, long day, and it was the smoothest it's ever been!  Grateful that it worked out so well, as it made for a great end of the year!

Day 208 - Sunday 6/14/15 - Thankful for shelter from the storms today....

Day 207 - Saturday 6/13/15 - Trying on a new routine today.  I think I might like it!

Day 206 - Friday 6/12/15 - Fourteen years of carnivals and not a drop of rain during them.  So thankful that today followed suit, and stayed dry until the end!

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