Thursday, April 24, 2014

365 Days of Giving Thanks - Year 2

Day 157 - Thursday 4/24/14 - Super, super happy to see the progress my students have made this year, and even kinda happy to see the progress I've made, too......

Day 156 - Wednesday 4/23/14 - Kinda shocked to see that all this therapy work is making a noticeable difference, as evident by my response to a nasty attack from a colleague.  Instead of fleeing the situation, I waited it out and survived!

Day 155 - Tuesday 4/22/14 - Happy to see how much progress my class is making on their final projects!

Day 154 - Monday 4/21/14 - My therapist said I should be quite proud of the way I handled my family during the three-week visit that ended today.  Time to learn how to be proud, I suppose.....

Day 153 - Sunday 4/20/14 - Saw my first firefly tonight!  Big smile!

Day 152 - Saturday 4/19/14 - Enjoyed a beautiful day at the ballpark, my first of the year!

Day 151 - Friday 4/18/14 - Grateful for the sunshine that wrapped up the day, it made for a beautiful evening walk with the Pup.

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