Thursday, September 26, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 310 - Thursday 9/26/13 - Grateful that what started as a really bad morning (read: so tired I could hardly breathe) turned into a very productive day!

Day 309 - Wednesday 9/25/13 -  Thankful that I showered last night and am able to go to bed early tonight.

Day 308 - Tuesday 9/24/13 - Grateful that the Pup's dog-walker was able to adjust the schedule, now providing an extra day of love to the Pup.

Day 307 - Monday 9/23/13 - LOVED running into a former student at the library and chatting it up with him.  He may be only in grade eight, but he sure has matured and it was great hearing him talk about his future!

Day 306 - Sunday 9/22/13 - Thankful that my errands were quick-ish this morning and allowed me the afternoon at home.

Day 305 - Saturday 9/21/13 - Grateful to have a day at home, in my jammies, with the Pup.  Yeah, I got my schoolwork done- it's easier to do it from the couch.

Day 304 - Friday 9/20/13 - So grateful that conferences are done.  They are always such an energy drain, purely because they require extra hours after an already full work day.

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