Thursday, September 12, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 296 - Thursday 9/12/13 - Loved seeing a double rainbow tonight!  What a nice treat to end an otherwise not-so-nice day.

Day 295 - Wednesday 9/11/13 - Grateful that my evening plans came through and a delicious dinner with good company was had at a fun food truck rally!

Day 294 - Tuesday 9/10/13 - Very thankful that tonight's parent night went so smoothly.

Day 293 - Monday 9/9/13 - Thankful that I have the Pup to snuggle with after a long day.

Day 292 - Sunday 9/8/13 - Happy to have found another Violet-friendly bakery - this one only a few miles from home!

Day 291 - Saturday 9/7/13 - SO thrilled to finally see my nutritionist!  It was only three weeks, but it felt like forever......

Day 290 - Friday 9/6/13 - Thankful that the first week of school went so smoothly!


  1. Each time I read one of these posts, I can't believe that the end of the year is so close!

    But anyway, I'm glad things are going well with you at school, that the year got off on the right foot! I hope it continues to be wonderful!

    1. Me either! Past 300 days of this now, and still going strong!


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