Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stand up.

Today kicks of Reading Month, and in the education world, that's a pretty big deal.  I like to promote reading whenever I can.

This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.  I made a commitment to myself to post a fact or a link or something each day this week on my FB page in order to promote ED awareness.  It's felt a bit risky to do so, but I think it's important to spread awareness for things that are important, that matter, to me. 

Which is why I wore orange today.  I wore orange for a friend of mine who underwent a stem cell transplant today.  She's one tough chick, and her attitude is one worth catching.  No matter what she has going on, she's always the first one to lend an encouraging word to anyone who asks.  Orange is so not my color, but today, it was the only color I wanted to wear.

So stand up.  Or sit down.  Or walk.  Or run or draw or bike or swim or whatever you do... do it with a purpose.  Do it to raise awareness for something that matters to you.  You never know who will be reached by your effort, or who will finally speak up and get help, or give help, because of what you stood up for.

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